The Fake Rolex Day-Date 18348 With The Diamond President Bracelet

While many Replica Rolex President Watches have diamonds in the field, more than a portion of them is actually customized through the aftermarket. As some of you may already know, there is a significant difference between adding your own custom diamonds and buying a Rolex with luxury diamonds. Let’s take a look at the example of the factory Diamond Rolex, in the form of this dazzling Day-Date 18348.

Fake Rolex Day-Date 18348 Watch

Fake Rolex Day-Date 18348 with Diamond President Bracelet

In the late 1980s, Rolex introduced a new generation of Rolex Day-date Replica Watch models. Unlike before, the new model (with 182xx or 183xx reference numbers) benefits from the Caliber 3155 movement and features dual fast set functions. This simply means that both calendar windows can be adjusted independently without the need to continuously turn the hand around the dial.

Replica Rolex President

The difference between the 182xx and 183xx reference numbers is that the latter includes a diamond header, such as this Rolex Day-date 18348. In addition to the diamond-inlaid border on the 36mm case and the diamond index on the dial, this special 18k gold presidential reference 18348 is even more spectacular with its diamond-inlaid bracelet.

Most Day-date Replica Watches are equipped with the now-iconic presidential bracelet featuring three semi-circular links. However, there are very few factory diamond inlaid presidential bracelets. The presidential band is carefully crafted in every center of the Day-Date ref. 18348 to create a mirror-like jewel effect.

Rolex Day-date Replica UK

In-House Rolex Gem-Setting

It is worth mentioning that Rolex attaches great importance to the art of gem-setting. In addition to hiring hundreds of watchmakers, Crown also has an in-house gemological department where gemologists are responsible for sourcing the highest quality gemstones, while jewelers put the gemstones into their watches by hand. That’s why Factory Diamond Rolex Watches are more valuable than Rolex replica watches, which are custom-made after-sales gemstones.

Of course, after buying a fake Rolex watch with diamonds, there is nothing wrong with customizing it. After all, this is yours, you do, you want to be with it! However, please remember that once Rolex is modified in any way, the Rolex authorized service center will no longer serve the piece. In addition, the secondary market prefers Rolex watches with original components rather than custom-made watches.

The Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date Replica is the absolute classic of luxury watches. When a person is covered by a factory diamond, as described in 18348, it is even more exceptional.