New Products: Luxury Panerai Replica Watches For Superfans in UK

Jean-Marc Pontroué is a Frenchman who became CEO of Officine Panerai Replica Watches in April 2018 and is no stranger to the world of luxury. From 1995 to 2000, he served as the sales manager for Ji Wenqi, then went to Montblanc from 2000 to 2011 and eventually became executive vice president of product strategy and brand development. After Montblanc, Pontefrey was transferred to Roger Dubois in 2011 and served as President and CEO in 2012.

In an interview with Luxury London recently, the experienced executive discussed a series of topics that showed that he was ready to meet the challenges of Luxury Fake Watch Brands. The Q&A session shows that Pontroué’s strategies, including the offering of unique experiences and limited edition works, have paid off.

New Fake Panerai Luminor Watch

The Future Of Panerai Replica

The headline is that the brand plans to launch some new products next year in its iconic Luminor and Radiomir series, as well as more specialized submersibles, and the thinner Luminor Due series. Pontroué said: “All luxury brands strive to create an iconic product line, whether it’s glasses, phones, watches or handbags.” We have two families [Lumino and Radio], and now we have four. We have no plans to launch new homes, but next year may be the biggest year for new products in the same family – new sizes, new dials, new straps.

The brand has recently been entering different color dials, so we expect more products in different series in the future. Who is preparing the purple dial? Another innovation is: “Next year we will introduce a product made of 40% recycled components,” he said. “We will introduce a product made of 40% recycled parts. Our goal is to be the first. A brand that has 100% Copy Watches made from recycled components, including sports. I hope we can achieve this in three to five years.

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Exclusivity And New Retail Strategies

In the first half of 2018, the US retail sales of Swiss luxury replica watches soared by double digits, and Fake Panerai seemed to be cautiously taking advantage of the momentum. “Price is not really a problem, and the price is not really a problem. This is how much-added value you bring to your product,” Pontroué said.

“Price is a cocktail, how much you bring, creativity brings to the table, how many restrictions you bring. We want to maintain an exclusive brand; no increase in production in the next five years; business growth will come from creativity: new materials, new sports More complex factors.

Panerai’s plan also includes new retail strategies such as e-commerce. “I totally believe in e-commerce because e-commerce and social media are about content – the product is what you end up with,” he said. “Content is something that provides relevance to your brand. Italian Replica Panerai Watch is a content brand – it’s expressive, bold, bold, and connected to high performance and extreme sports. As long as we have this, we just have a say in social media and e-commerce.

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Look forward to more watch bundled exclusive experiences, as these have performed well for the brand in the past year. Pontroué said: “We want to offer our customers more than just watches.” We will experience three times in the next six months, allowing customers who purchase Imitation watches to dive with French free diving world champion Giorm Neri; accompanied by extremes Explorer Mike Horn to Svalbard; or two days of training with the Italian Navy Commando, to tell the truth, this is an experiment, because we don’t know what the reaction will be; but it is a huge success. We have a customer who took all three watches. Superfans always choose the Top Replica Watches UK Store. Here is big news for Panerai lovers: buying more than two watches can enjoy more discounts!